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Top 7 AI Courses and Programs in India 2021 offered by IITs, IIMs & IISc

The artificial intelligence industry is booming at an exponential pace globally. Therefore, a greater demand can be seen for specialized workers in the AI and data science domain. According to a recent report, job opportunities in the AI industry have witnessed a growth of more than 75% over the last four years. Enterprises across the world are looking forward to hiring skilled employees to carry out their business operations. Although the AI industry is expanding, there is still a lack of quality educational programs in India that teaches learners essential skills and impart practical knowledge in the artificial intelligence sector. It has become crucial for educational institutions to provide adequate training courses to help learners kick start their careers in the artificial intelligence sector and meet the global demand. Many renowned Indian Institutes have addressed this necessity and have begun offering several AI programs, including undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certification courses. This article will list the top AI courses and programs in India available in 2021 by IITs, NITs, and IISc. 

The article intends to provide descriptions of all the top available courses and not rank them to help learners choose the best for them according to their interests. 

  1. B.Tech in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence | IIT Guwahati

The B.Tech program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is offered by the Mehta Family School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. This course helps learners in entering various industries such as data architecture, data engineering, data analysis, and many others. The curriculum includes multiple modules related to programming, AI, data science, mathematics, robotics, and computer science. According to the director of IIT Guwahati, the graduates of this course would play a vital role in industries like technology, business, healthcare, disaster management, and several more.

  1. Advanced Program in Artificial Intelligence-powered marketing | IIM Calcutta

The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta offers the Advanced Program in Artificial Intelligence-powered marketing course. The course will help learners open doors to build careers primarily in multiple sectors by providing them with the required training in making AI-powered marketing decisions. Aspiring CXOs can readily opt for this program to enter various industries, including banking, retail, finance, and healthcare industries. It is a part-time six-month course in which the sessions will be conducted online. However, some course portions will be taught in person at IIM Calcutta. Graduates with three years of hands-on experience and postgraduates with two years of experience are eligible for this AI program. Interested candidates can start the application process from the official website of IIM Calcutta.

  1. M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence | IISc

The Indian Institute of Science Bangalore offers a master’s course in artificial intelligence. It is a two-year degree program provided by IISc’s division of electrical, electronics, and computer science (EECS). According to the institute, the course aims to train professionals that would help in filling the availability gap of highly skilled artificial intelligence scientists and engineers. Learners will be provided with best-in-class training related to the core concepts and practical implementation of artificial intelligence solutions. Candidates are shortlisted based on their GATE scores, and then the selected candidates must appear for a written examination and qualify for entrance in the M.Tech program in AI. The course curriculum includes a one-year research and development project that would help learners carry out their duties in companies after completing the course. interested candidates can apply by visiting the official website of IISc.

  1. Certificate Program in Machine Learning and AI using Python | IIT Bombay

The certificate program in machine learning and AI using Python is offered by the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. It is a six-month course in which the sessions will be conducted virtually for three hours per week. The course aims to upskill learners in the world’s most in-demand programming language for artificial intelligence and machine learning automation. Graduates and diploma holders from any background with a minimum of one year of experience are eligible to apply for the AI program. The course has been priced at ₹1,25,000 excluding GST. Experts from IIT Bombay will conduct sessions during the course and offer real-world case studies to help learners gain relevant knowledge. Learners will also get to participate in various peer-to-peer learning and networking that would help them build their careers. Upon completion, learners will be provided with a certificate who have a minimum of 80% attendance. 

  1. M.Tech in Machine Learning and Data Science | IIT Delhi

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is all set to offer its new M.Tech degree program in Machine Learning and Data Science at its School of Artificial Intelligence from 2022. The name of the course is M.Tech in Machine Intelligence and Data Science (MINDS) and will focus on teaching learners the fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence. Learners will get hands-on practical experience that would help them gain the desired skill set that the global industry currently demands. The first batch of the post-graduation course will begin in July 2022. Students will get to learn from 40 faculties from industry-leading research centers of Microsoft, Google, IBM, and many more. The curriculum will include subjects like deep learning, natural language processing, data mining, computer vision, mathematics, and several others. 

6. Bachelor’s of Science in Statistics and Data Science | IIT Kanpur

The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur has started offering two new programs, namely, a four-year-long Bachelor’s of Science and a five-year Bachelor’s cum Master’s of Science in Statistics and Data Science. The admission for this AI course will be based on JEE rankings of students. It is one of the best available programs for learners who are more interested in studying and analyzing data. The course’s curriculum includes subjects like fundamentals of statistics, mathematics, data science, and many more. Learners will be able to gain industry-specific skills that the global market demands, which would help them build careers in the data science industry.

7. Post Baccalaureates in AI and Data Science | IIT Madras

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras is now offering post baccalaureate fellowship in various fields related to artificial intelligence and data science. The Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RBCDSAI) established in the campus of IIT Madras is offering this 1-2 year course in artificial intelligence. The Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence was founded in 2017, and it started offering this post baccalaureate fellowship from 2019. It is a highly acclaimed institution, which offers ample exposure and hands-on industry experience to students to kick start their careers in the data science and artificial intelligence industry. The institute has also increased the intake capacity to 15, which reflects the popularity of the program. Graduates below 27 years of age can readily apply for this course offered by IIT Madras. After shortlisting, candidates must appear for an interview round to secure a seat for the course.

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