Who We Are

Analytics Drift is an AI portal that covers the latest developments in the artificial intelligence landscape. We also provide a wide range of services to our readers as well as organizations.

Automatic Data Collection

As part of our efforts to protect users’ privacy, we do not indulge in an extensive collection of data to track users. However, we have a few services that help our website to run faster, which use some browsing metadata to ensure we deliver the best experience. We also have javascript codes that collect how you engage with our services. This helps us understand you better and make the necessary improvements to offer superior service. These data are never used to profile you or track how an individual uses our services. While we analyze interactions, we can never identify your personal information like name, age, email address until you provide it to us. In other words, we can never assign a particular interaction with a specific user. 

Some of the companies that automatically collects your information on our website are Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity, and Cloudflare. These data are only used to understand our readers, not to track them.

Manual Data Collection

We collect user information such as name, email id, phone number, and more, but only get this information when a user provides services like newsletters. We do not make any attempt to club manually entered data with the automatically-collected data to ensure we do not indirectly infringe your privacy. However, the information that you provide can be used for advertising. This helps our readers to stay informed about exciting offers, events, services, and products.

Currently, in this category, we only collect your data with our newsletter campaign. We use your email address to send relevant trending articles every week. Occasionally, we send newsletters if we think there is a time-bound announcement that can help you advance your expertise in artificial intelligence technology.

Information Sharing

Analytics Drift never hands over your details like email id, name, and other demographic information you provide for our services like newsletter and events. Neither do we use this information to analyze individual users. The information you provide us is strictly used for the campaign you opt for, and thereby you can be assured that we do not profile you based on your interest in different services.

Although your information is not directly shared with other companies, we have integrated a few email services to collect and send email to you. While collaborating with them, we have ensured that they comply with privacy policies that align with our readers’ mission of preserving-privacy.


When we advertise on our website, we track a few details to assimilate the ads’ effectiveness. When you click on ads, another company can collect your information such as IP address, source, and other metadata, which does not include your name and email address. Although they can analyze users’ behavior but cannot pinpoint you with the exact details with personal information. However, by clicking on the ads and landing on a different website, you can expose your data either manually or automatically. We would not be liable for any data that our advertising partner collects when you are on their website. Consequently, it would be best to read their privacy policy before providing your information for their campaign or services.

You Own Your Data

We abide by all the privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Customer Privacy Act (CCPA), and more. You can get request your personal information irrespective of the country you reside in. To get your information, email us at We will send your data as soon as possible, which usually takes 24 hours.

For return & cancellations policy, refer here.

You can also ask us any questions regarding your privacy and information with us. Please email us at