Analytics Drift is committed to transparency on the use of the product and service we offer to our customers, readers, and other third parties. All the terms and conditions of the website will be applicable to all direct and indirect users of content published, services, and any other offerings provide. One should also note that these terms and conditions will be applicable for any content we offer either on our website, mobile application, and social media platforms. Our terms and conditions shall be read with Analytics Drift’s privacy policy for assimilating the way we conduct our business and expect our users to comply wherever necessary.

Reserve The Right To Change Terms And Conditions

Analytics Drift often makes changes to its terms and conditions based on users and internal review. While making the amendments, we also take into account the governments’ policy to respect users’ privacy. However, we notify our users in several ways — default notification, pop-up notification, email, on social media platforms, and any way possible — when we make the changes to our terms and conditions. You can also find the last updated date of terms and conditions at the bottom of the page and the date when the new amendments take effect from. If you do not wish to abide by the new changes in the future, you can contact us and ask us to delete your data from our database. We shall comply with your request within 15 days of your request to us.

Use Of Content

Analytics Drift creates original content while also mentioning the source of content when necessary, and we encourage the same to our users who are using our content. If you are using our content for non-commercial purposes, you shall provide the credit or link back to our content whenever possible. Either of the two is necessary to communicate that the content was taken from Analytics Drift. In case, you are using our content without providing proper attribution you will be subject to violation of our terms and conditions. If you are found infringing our terms of use, you will be subject to penalties and other litigation in accordance with the rules. If you are unsure about the use of our content, you can contact us before using it for your benefit.

User’s Data

Users whenever provide information to Analytics Drift in any forms, including signups, newsletters, attending events, and in any other forms, gives the right to the company to use it for internal purposes. The company may also leverage these data for marketing and user profiling for internal use. However, in numerous cases, we explicitly mention the change in terms while asking for users’ data. In such cases, we shall override the default user data policy and limit the use for internal use also. If you want clarification on the way we process your data, you can contact us at info@analyticsdrift.com. For more on how we process uses’ data, read our privacy policy.

Intent To Other Websites

In articles, we link back to other websites for reference and providing more information to users. These links can also send to different chat applications for sharing content, but we are not responsible for any of the terms and conditions of those websites or applications that our platform takes you to. By clicking on links, advertisements, and buttons, if you are redirected to other platforms, you shall read their terms of use and privacy policy on how they use your data. In most cases, we do not endorse those websites, but we either use those links for convenience for users to simplify gaining more information and ease of use.

Site Usage And Deletion

Analytics Drift reserves the right to stop the usage of the site without notice if found violating our terms and conditions. We can also discontinue the site without notice to any of our clients and users. Analytics Drift would not be liable for any loss to anyone in case of discontinuation or restricting the usage of the website. If you feel you need an answer to our actions, you can reach out at info@analyticsdrift.com. However, we are not responsible for extended and neverending conversations. Should we feel the need to not respond to queries, you might not hear from us. 


Analytics Drift uses affiliate links for gaining commission on products, but not all the links are used for this purpose. One of the most widely used affiliate marketing on our platform is Amazon Affiliates. However, all the Amazon links do not necessarily are affiliate links.

Commercial Licence

If you want to publish our content, you shall take a written statement from us to use or republish the content. You can get in touch with us for any commercial use of the content at info@analyticsdrift.com