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ad partners with Knowles to reveal the Future of True Wireless Stereo... partners with Knowles to reveal the Future of True Wireless Stereo Voice Control at CES 2022

The companies will integrate their products to offer unmatched voice command capabilities for TWS earphones and other related products.

Speech recognition software firm partners with a leading global provider of acoustic microphones and speakers Knowles to reveal the future of true wireless stereo voice control systems at CES 2022. 

The event is scheduled for 5th January in Las Vegas, the United States, in which companies from all over the world are set to showcase their technological innovations. Jointly, the companies will develop an offline application-free artificial intelligence-powered voice control system for True Wireless Stereo earphones and other related products. 

CEO of, Probal Lala, said, “TWS use cases fit Fluent’s unmatched advantages perfectly as hearables are intended for consumer use anytime and anywhere. Our embedded technology enables users of any language or accent to use their earbuds off the grid and in noisy environments without needing to worry about noise levels, battery life, or privacy.” 

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He further added that the new technology would allow them to provide multilingual command support to offer their customers a better user experience. The companies plan to integrate’s small-footprint AI software with Knowles IA8201 to enable unmatched voice command capabilities for TWS earphones and other hearable devices. 

Till now, achieving this level of accuracy in voice commands for TWS earphones has been a challenge due to the compute limitations of Bluetooth microchips and the requirement of low power in TWS. 

Canada-based speech understanding and intent recognition solutions developer was founded by Vikrant Tomar in 2015. The company specializes in developing speech recognition systems that use machine learning models which consider various factors, including context, behavior, and speech in multiple languages, to offer the best possible experience to users. has raised over $4 million to date from investors like BDC ICE Funds, Generation Ventures, BDC Venture Capital, and many others.

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Dipayan Mitra
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