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IIT Delhi to offer M.Tech course in Machine Learning and Data Science

M.Tech in Machine Intelligence and Data Science (MINDS) will focus on providing industry-oriented training in various artificial intelligence technologies.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi announces it will offer a postgraduate M.Tech course in machine learning and data science at its School of Artificial Intelligence from next year. 

The course named M. Tech in Machine Intelligence and Data Science (MINDS) will provide learning training focused on artificial intelligence. This will be the second offering of the School of Artificial Intelligence since its establishment in September 2020. 

The curriculum will consist of practical and industry-based training to help learners inculcate the critical skills that the global artificial intelligence market currently demands. Students who have an undergraduate degree in science or engineering are eligible to apply for this new course in machine learning and data science.

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Director of IIT Delhi, V Ramgopal Rao, said, “Academic institutions today cannot remain in silos. They must work closely with all stakeholders, including industry, non-profit, and governmental organisations. The M.Tech programme will energise academia-industry collaboration in AI.” 

The first batch of the PG course will commence in July 2022. The curriculum of the course will also provide an understanding of various artificial intelligence technologies, including deep learning, data mining, natural language processing, computer vision, mathematics, artificial intelligence in healthcare, and many more. 

This development is a step forward towards the institution’s aim to strengthen the education system and application of artificial intelligence solutions in the country. The school currently has over 40 faculties from industry-leading research centers of Microsoft, Google, and IBM. 

“We had a 90% success rate in PhD students joining ScAI last semester, which is exceptional for a young academic unit like ours, as students generally prefer more established academic programmes. But they chose us, suggesting that we have put together a really strong faculty team in AI,” said Prof Mausam of IIT Delhi.

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