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Synaptics’ SoC powers AI-Enriched Display and Vision Features in Askey OmniEdge Smart Signage

OmniEdge Smart Signage leverages the robust capabilities of the Multimedia VS680 SoC to provide a personalized and immersive experience to its users.

Touch-based human interface developer for devices like laptops and smartphones Synaptics reveals that Askey uses Synaptics’ Multimedia VS680 SoC to carry out various artificial intelligence-related functions in Askey’s new OmniEdge Smart Signage system. 

The SoC developed by Synaptics allows Askey to add multiple interactive and personalization features to their solution. The OmniEdge Smart Signage uses the highly capable neural processing unit of Synaptics’ VS680 SoC and couples it with a high-quality dual-camera system to provide an immersive, intuitive and immersive experience. 

Askey’s developers effectively tapped the capabilities of the Multimedia VS680 SoC’s Android SDK and SyNAP to come up with several high-end and robust biometric security, augmented reality, demographic identification, video conferencing, and many more. 

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CEO of Askey, Robert Lin, said, “With those requirements in mind, we evaluated a number of competitive options and selected Synaptics’ VS680 because it delivers the best combination of performance and features to meet our current and future needs.” 

He further added that the VS680 camera and AI capabilities allowed them to provide field-upgradable products, which are very cost-effective to design and develop. According to Askey, its OmniEdge Smart Signage solution is rapidly driving the market towards a change, which needs a highly-scalable future-proof platform. 

United States-based technology company Synaptics was founded by Carver Mead and Federico Faggin in 1986. The firm specializes in developing solutions that can be used to optimize user experience in various industries, including automobiles, PC, smartphones, and many more. To date, Synaptics has successfully acquired five companies, including DisplayLink, Validity Sensors, DSP Group, and others, which have allowed the enterprise to provide top-notch solutions to its customers.

Senior Vice President and General Manager of Synaptics, Craig Stein, said, “We are very excited that Askey has relied upon the capabilities, flexibility, and low-power performance of our VS680 solution to help them tap the full potential of this experience within the OmniEdge platform.”

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