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HomeData Announces The Release Of Hybrid Natural Language Platform Announces The Release Of Hybrid Natural Language Platform announced on Tuesday regarding the general availability of the hybrid natural language launched in March for various natural language solutions such as designing, developing, testing, deploying, and monitoring.

This cloud-based platform aids enterprises to accelerate, augment and expand their firms for any activity that includes language. It assists by turning any text-based document into structured data.’s Platform supports knowledge discovery, process automation and decision-making, and the shared advantage of flexible designing of language models.

By switching from tactical to the strategic use of natural language for designing artificial intelligence models, enterprises will build greater portability of language assets and models. Natural language solutions also aid with solving business challenges and deliver natural-language-enabled enterprises when used as a whole. 

The Platform uses an exclusive hybrid AI approach honed from hundreds of real-world implementations. Comprehensive and easy to use, it combines symbolic AI and machine learning techniques to ensure the best possible accuracy for each use case with explainable AI.

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“Language powers business, so unlocking the value of data embedded in your everyday language is critical to success. With the launch of our platform, we enable, for the first time, the combination of different AI techniques to design and deploy practical applications,” said Luca Scagliarini, CPO.

The natural language processing uses a unique hybrid artificial intelligence approach that has been sharpened using hundreds of real-world implementations, making the platform easy and comprehensive. The combination of symbolic AI and machine learning techniques ensures that every individual user gets the best possible accuracy while being transparent about the explainable AI. A live demo for it can also be obtained from the website.

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