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IBM & Indian Institute Of Science Launch Innovation Lab In India

IBM and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), recently announced the launch of the IBM-IISc hybrid cloud lab to advance hybrid cloud research in India. Students and faculty members of IISc will work together with IBM scientists to conduct groundbreaking research that can help organizations utilize the capabilities of the hybrid cloud by enabling faster, seamless, and secure adoption of artificial intelligence and hybrid cloud. 

The lab will be led by an associate professor at IISc, Prof. Yogesh Simmhan, and Dr. Amith Singhee from IBM India. This IBM-IISc venture will allow passionate individuals to conduct research on the most common but important challenges enterprises face in today’s world and propose possible solutions that would help amplify the adoption rate of hybrid cloud computing in the industry.

Initially, the research team would include faculty and students of data science, automation, and computer science from IISc and researchers from IBM India. 

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The main focus of the research would be in the following areas: 

  • Building autonomous computing systems that will use artificial intelligence to predict possible issues, diagnose and provide solutions while maximizing availability and minimizing the operational costs. 
  • Adopting microservices and optimization of cloud-native platforms that utilize cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes and serverless. This will allow enterprises to bring substantial agility into their IT services. 
  • Creating artificial intelligence-based Information Management that enables enterprises to analyze, consume, and create value from data across .
  • Developing artificial intelligence systems that can scrutinize human and machine languages, with advances in artificial intelligence for Code, to optimize computing systems. This will play a vital role in the adoption of automation and cloud computing in the industry. 

Navakanta Bhat, Dean of IISc Bengaluru, said, “We are excited about making the joint research findings open-source and accessible to a worldwide community which will significantly accelerate innovation in the emerging areas of AI and hybrid cloud.” 

She further added that they are incredibly proud to partner with IBM as such industry-academia collaborations are essential to conduct advanced research.

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