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Veritone’s Synthetic Voice Solution supports NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face’s compatibility with NVIDIA Audio2Face will allow developers to create stunning VR, AR, 3D graphics and virtual communities.

Artificial Intelligence company Veritone announced that its synthetic voice solution will now support NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face. The compatibility will allow developers to build better video and animation projects. 

NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that allows users to effortlessly generate facial expression animations from audio sources. Veritone offers over 200 synthetic stock voices and 150 languages, which now can be used with Audio2Face to create impeccable animation videos. is a Voice as a Service platform that lets users securely create and monetize synthetic voices in the digital world. Developers will now be able to create the best possible VR, AR, 3D graphics, and virtual communities by coupling the two artificial intelligence platforms.

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Co-founder and President of Veritone, Ryan Steelberg, said, “Given NVIDIA’s recent announcement at CES 2022 that its real-time 3D design collaboration and virtual world simulation platform is now freely available to millions of NVIDIA Studio creators using GeForce RTX and NVIDIA RTX graphics processing units (GPUs), the interconnected 3D virtual worlds that both Veritone and NVIDIA envision for commerce, entertainment, creativity and industry will be possible.” 

He further added that they are incredibly thrilled to announce the compatibility of the two platforms, which many believe to be the key to creating the Metaverse. Apart from NVIDIA Audio2Face, Vertone’s platform is also compatible with other related audio animation software that allows users to add synthetic voice to metaverse characters seamlessly. 

Additionally, users can enjoy text to speech features in the Veritone platform. United States-based artificial intelligence-powered solutions developing company Veritone was founded by Chad Steelberg, Patrick Lennon, Ryan Steelberg, and Zeus Peleuses in 2014. The tech firm is known for developing aiWARE, which can be used to transform and analyze both structured and unstructured data. 

Chief Marketing Officer of Veritone, Scott Leatherman, said, “As the world pivots to understand, explore, and drive commerce in the metaverse, we are proud to support NVIDIA’s Omniverse with hyper-realistic synthetic voice from”

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