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Swap Partners with Find.Fashion to offer Unprecedented Visual Searching

Swap will integrate Find.Fashion’s visual search feature within its mobile shopping website and application as a part of this partnership.

Largest online consignment and thrift shop Swap partners with technology firm Find.Fashion to offer unprecedented visual searching features using artificial intelligence and emotion recognition technologies. 

Both the companies plan to integrate Find.Fashion’s cutting-edge technology with Swap’s shopping platform to increase the capabilities of Swap and provide a better shopping experience to the customers. 

The AI-powered visual search feature will be made available on Swap’s mobile shopping website soon. Find.Fashion’s solution prioritizes emotions behind user actions instead of solely relying on text-based actions of users to offer unmatched quality and relevance of search results to customers. 

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Chief Commercial Officer and Board Member of Swap, Antonio Gallizio, said, “Adding FIND.Fashion visual search makes it easier to find what they want at that moment, and it makes the shopping experience easier, faster, and more engaging. We know this because buyers that use the search walk away happier with their purchases and find more products on our site that they inevitably buy.” 

He further added that the feature would considerably help shoppers who are unsure regarding what they want to buy. The feature will eliminate the need to type what shoppers want to buy and replace it with an intuitive visual search, increasing the chances of finding the best suitable products according to the wants of customers. 

Estonia-based world’s first visual search for eCommerce developing firm Find.Fashion was founded by Diana Saarva, Heikki Haldre, and Paul Pällin in 2018. The company helps consumers search for fashion-related products when they are in a dilemma of what to purchase using artificial intelligence technology. 

“We’re thrilled Swap.com customers are enjoying FIND.Fashion visual product search with emotion recognition and that we’ve been able to help the company exceed its ecommerce goals in such a short amount of time,” said CEO and Co-founder of Find.Fashion, Heikki Haldr.

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