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Artificial Intelligence Company Hello Llama Debuts at CES 2022

Llama Vision uses edge artificial intelligence and computer vision to offer numerous safety features for the micro-mobility industry.

AI-powered mobility technology startup Hello Llama makes its debut at the CES 2022 event with the launch of its new Llama Vision solution. The CES event invites technology companies from various parts of the world to showcase their cutting-edge technologies to a large global audience. 

Hello Llama is led by David Touwsma, who has expertise in micro-mobility technologies and has earlier deployed multiple LEVs, bikes, and scooters in public use. The newly launched technology is Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) for light electric vehicles.

It leverages leading artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies to provide one-of-a-kind features. The competent system collects real-time information and sends it to operators to make roads safer for riders and pedestrians. Llama Vision also sends the collected data to municipalities to aid them in managing road conditions effectively. 

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David Touwsma said, “By collaborating with multiple partners in the shared mobility and delivery space, Llama’s goal of providing customized AI hardware and software solutions will allow the operators and cities to improve on last mile technology and create a safer environment.” 

He further added that the company’s vision is to create a safe co-existence of light electric vehicles within communities. Hello Llama has been founded by Arun Gunasekaran and Bryan Ovalle, who have worked with the world’s leading technology companies, including Tesla and SpaceX. 

Llama Vision can be effortlessly integrated with vehicles during design and production processes, making the technology highly flexible and versatile. Currently, the company plans to deploy its technology for shared mobility, municipality transit, delivery fleets, university transits, and OEM directs. 

“Technology has changed rapidly over the past 12 months allowing our engineering team to optimize faster than our competition and bring to market a far superior product at a price that will allow our customers to run profitable businesses,” said CTO and Co-founder of Hello Llama Arun Gunasekaran. He also mentioned that the company is excited to announce new mobility features in the coming weeks to revolutionize the industry. 

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