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Synopsys to use AI for optimizing Samsung’s latest Smartphone designs

Samsung is using Synopsys’ DSO.ai and Fusion Compiler platforms to optimize the designs of its smartphones.

Electronic design automation and semiconductor developing company Synopsys announces that it is using an AI design system to optimize Samsung’s latest smartphone designs. The technology has already been successfully implemented by Samgsung to create a high-performance design at an advanced process technology. 

Apart from smartphone designs, Synopsys had collaborated with Samsung to develop and design next-generation Exynos processors that will be featured in the upcoming smartphones of Samsung. Synopsys used its DSO.ai platform to help Samsung develop performance-oriented chipsets for its smartphones. 

Samsung will use the same award-winning DSO.ai platform coupled with Synopsys Fusion Compiler RTL-to-GDSII solution to optimize the designs of its new smartphones. Synopsys’s DSO.ai uses reinforced learning technology to achieve better results. The DSO.ai technology has been deployed at various levels of phone manufacturing and designing process that has helped Samsung in reducing the research time and effort of engineers. 

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Chairman and co-CEO of Synopsys, Aart De Geus, said, “This pivotal moment in semiconductor history will breathe new life into Moore’s law. We congratulate Samsung on this remarkable achievement, and we look forward to catalyzing its next 1000x.” 

He further added that autonomous chipset designing only existed in science fiction, but Sysnopsys’ technology has made it possible in the real world. Excerpts suggest that this new technology is a breakthrough in the microchip manufacturing and designing industry as it would considerably help architects to design better processors in a short time with reduced manual efforts. 

EVP of infrastructure and design technology center at Samsung Electronics, Thomas Cho, said, “Not only have we demonstrated that AI can help us achieve PPA targets for even the most demanding process technologies, but through our partnership, we have established an ultra-high-productivity design system that is consistently delivering impressive results.”

Earlier this year, Synopsys had acquired Concertio, an artificial intelligence-enabled real-time performance optimization firm to further strengthen its capabilities as a Silicon to Software partner for electronics product developing companies. 

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