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YetAi to Launch SOLANA blockchain-based AI-Generated NFTs in 2022

YetAi had announced plans to launch its token in the first quarter of 2022.

On December 27th, at the event in Paris, YetAi announced that the protocol is bringing artificial intelligence (AI) NFTs to the Solana ecosystem. 

YetAi is an NFT collection of AI Yetis that claims to be the first NFT initiative to apply AI to blockchain and Web3 technology. The collection’s backstory narrates that the Yeti tribe reincarnated as YetAi’s after a member of the tribe encountered the Visai, an Artificial Intelligence that irrevocably altered the Ketra tundra metaverse. 

YetAi intends to provide a variety of services to community members and holders through this great initiative. The YetAi collection will consist of 8,888 Yeti NFTs created totally by AI and will feature over 90 traits. Holders and community members will have access to a variety of utilities thanks to the protocol. Exclusive access to special events, seminars, and community conferences is one such benefit. The NFTS miners will also get 70% of royalties on future NFT sales.

In addition, the protocol provides an AI trading bot that buys and sells bitcoins on behalf of its subscribers. This eliminates the need for consumers to learn and execute sophisticated trading methods, by relying on a bot to do it. The protocol’s token will be released in the first quarter of 2022. The token will be used in the Ketra Tundra metaverse as both a utility and a governance token. 

For now, the pre-sales and whitelist dates are yet to be announced. Meanwhile, YetAi shares that 70% of NFT revenues should go to the creator royalties. There are other long-term plans in place, including the production of merchandise and goodies.

Besides, there will be private events in the future to which holders will be invited and will be provided with all expenses paid accommodations. Seven holders will be present at one event that will be hosted in Singapore. The holders will also receive their Metaverse territory. In addition, a private and exclusive YetAI App will be released.

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NFTs are quickly becoming one of the hottest hits in the crypto world and the race into launching interesting NFTs into the marketplace is heating up. The NFTs in early 2021 generally concentrated on basic features like ownership as well as the development of the NFT marketplace, a foundation for the future of Blockchain.

However, as the industry matures, NFTs’ value proposition should shift from static photos to more dynamic and intelligent collectibles including iNFTs and NFTs with embedded AI. It is safe to predict that AI will play a major role in the future generation of NFTs. using artificial intelligence technologies like Natural language understanding (NLU), computer vision, NFT creators can also accelerate the Generative AI industry too. 

Tectona, Israel’s premier public blockchain technology startup, has built a platform that allows anybody to use a powerful AI to create unique art for minting as NFTs. Last December, the company stated that it will debut a user-generated NFT collection in the Metaverse under the name ‘The Bored Company.’ Even Alethea AI, a startup backed by entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, is encasing avatars with AI that animates them and provides them with communication skillsets. Known as iNFTs, these avatars will be similar to chatbots we are already using in the 2D internet world!

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