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New AI-powered Digital Fan Experiences for Wimbledon 2022 on IBM Cloud

IBM unveiled new AI-enabled ways for the audience to digitally experience the Championships for Wimbledon 2022 on its cloud and other platforms.

The All England Club has been partnering with IBM to enhance viewers’ experience of watching The Championships, Wimbledon, digitally. Even after 33 years, IBM continues to be the Official Technology Partner of The Championships. The partnership aims to enhance the digital experience by using technology, commentary, and insights. This year, they have announced new AI-powered features for Wimbledon 2022 on IBM’s cloud. The new features would join the suite of existing ones. 

These new features include IBM Match Insights with Watson, IBM Power Index with Watson, Personalised Recommendations, and Highlights Reels. The digital fan experiences were co-created by IBM and the All England Club for the Wimbledon app and website. 

The new AI-powered fan experiences for Wimbledon 2022 include:

Enhanced explainability to Match Insights via ‘Win Factors’: IBM is adding a layer of explanation to the AI system in evaluating match insights and forecasts. Win Factors will provide spectators with necessary information on the aspects affecting player performance. Factors like the IBM Power Index, net of sets won, ATP/WTA rankings, court surface, etc.

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New and interactive fan prediction feature with ‘Have Your Say’: For the first time, users may use the Have Your Say feature on the Wimbledon app and website to enter their predictions for match outcomes. They can then compare their forecast to the aggregated predictions of other fans and IBM’s AI-powered Likelihood to Win predictions.

IBM’s Watson aids these fan experience features by using a combination of private clouds, IBM Cloud, and on-site systems to leverage a hybrid cloud approach. Watson is IBM’s AI-powered assistant that can aid in shopping processes, provide reliable weather analytics, and much more. 

The digital experiences for Wimbledon are built on the IBM Cloud, which sets the foundation and enhances scalability. It hosts and analyses match data, which is then put into AI models created with IBM Watson Studio and IBM Watson Discovery to offer insights for fans, commentators, and media.

“In partnership with IBM, we are thrilled to bring an even more dynamic and interactive digital experience to fans around the world this year as Wimbledon returns to full capacity,” said Alexandra Willis, Marketing Director and Communications at the All England Club. She also emphasized that leveraging technology on the fans will make them more involved and informed.

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