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IBM Watson Advertising brings AI-powered Weather Analytics to AWS Data Exchange

Companies can now effortlessly load IBM Watson Advertising’s weather analytics software through AWS Console or APIs.

Technology giant IBM’s data and artificial intelligence branch, Watson Advertising, announces that it will provide AI-powered weather analytics on AWS Data Exchange, an Amazon Web Services platform. 

The AWS Data Exchange platform lets users choose and subscribe to hundreds of third-party data in the cloud. IBM Watson Advertising’s weather analytics tool analyzes the relationship between weather and consumer behavior that would help companies worldwide make better data-driven decisions regarding their businesses. 

Companies can use IBM’s weather analytics to understand customers’ purchasing behavior in relation to weather conditions in various sectors, including consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, and much more accurately. 

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Chief Executive Officer of the Weather Company, and General Manager of IBM Watson Advertising, Sheri Bachstein, said, “This expanded relationship with AWS gives more businesses access to the weather data that can drive consumer behavior and purchasing. We know that weather can impact nearly everything in daily life — how we feel, what we do, even what we buy.” 

She further added that they are committed to providing their technology to other organizations to help them in growing their businesses using data and technology. Companies can access precise local data regarding weather, including 15-day weather forecast history and several weather conditions that can help them in effectively planning their campaigns, supply chain, and forecasting decisions. 

Users can now seamlessly access IBM Watson Advertising’s weather analytics software using AWS console or APIs and deploy it in many AWS analytics and services. This development marks IBM’s aim of offering cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to address the needs of the hybrid-cloud era. The company also plans to invest over $1 billion to help its partners in providing best-in-class solutions over the next three years.

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