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Meta to build a Digital Voice Assistant for Metaverse

Meta wants to develop a robust digital assistant that will be able to detect context hints in conversations.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, announced its plan to build a digital voice assistant to support the growth and demand of metaverse. 

Meta claims that the digital voice assistant will allow users to interact with physical gadgets such as the company’s Portal video-calling device and augmented-reality glasses without using their hands. 

The announcement was made by the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, during a recently held live event. A Meta representative mentioned that this is the first time Meta has dedicated an entire event to presenting its AI developments. 

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Meta wants to develop a robust digital assistant that will be able to detect context hints in conversations, as well as other data points about our physical bodies, such as our facial emotions, hand movements, and many others. 

According to Zuckerberg, in order to assist consumers in navigating this new online world, digital assistants will need to “understand how people do.” 

Zuckerberg said, “When we have glasses on our faces, that will be the first time an AI system will be able to really see the world from our perspective – see what we see, hear what we hear, and more.” 

Apart from a digital voice assistant, Meta is also building a new universal language translator for the metaverse to streamline user interactions in the virtual world. 

The AI-powered translation system would not only be able to provide instantaneous translation of widely spoken languages but also dialects that do not have a standardized writing format. 

As of now, Meta has not decided on a name for its new digital assistant, but it is called the development program ‘Project CAIRaoke.’ 

People will soon be able to access Zuckerberg’s envisioned metaverse hands-free by wearing a pair of smart glasses because of AI technology that can learn and anticipate people’s behavior.

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