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WellSky to Acquire TapCloud to Strengthen Patient Engagement Technology

TapCloud's technology will considerably help WellSky improve consumer experience and deliver value-based care.

Software and service for healthcare providing company WellSky announces its plans to acquire leading online healthcare platform TapCloud to further strengthen its patient engagement technology. 

The acquisition will allow WellSky to use Tap Cloud’s expertise in virtual patient engagement technology to provide better services to its customers. 

WellSky plans to integrate TapCloud with its in-house developed healthcare technology solutions to increase its capabilities. To date, more than 5 million caregivers use WellSky’s healthcare solutions each day.

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TapCloud’s AI-driven, interoperable platform provides real-time, patient-generated information, allowing providers to implement care interventions focused on minimizing avoidable hospital readmissions and emergency care. 

TapCloud’s technology will considerably help WellSky improve consumer experience and deliver value-based care. Patients can use virtual visit technology, secure messaging, and remote symptom screening processes to exchange their symptoms and other pertinent data with clinicians utilizing TapCloud’s EHR-agnostic patented technology. 

CEO of WellSky, Bill Miller, said, “WellSky is connecting every part of health and community care, and TapCloud represents a significant addition to our suite of solutions. By adding these robust capabilities, WellSky will further extend our position as the leading technology and analytics partner across the continuum.” 

He further added that WellSky and TapCloud would work together to help providers make evidence-based decisions using actionable insights. 

United States-based online healthcare platform providing firm TapCloud was founded by Tom Riley in 2013. The company is known for its platform that is used to connect patients and doctors through real-time data, critical care information & record. 

“TapCloud has worked tirelessly to close the communication gap between patients and providers through the use of data and technology. With WellSky, we gain access to a larger network and increased investment, which will broaden our reach and allow even more patients and families to be active participants in their care journeys,” said CEO of TapCloud, Phil Traylor. 

He also mentioned that they are in a good position to grow the ways they can assist clients to succeed, regardless of the EHR platform they employ.

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