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Meta announces Free AI Learning Alliance to help Talents enter AI Industry

The curriculum involves the key aspects of artificial intelligence that are essential for industrial applications.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, announces its new free AI learning Alliance to help diverse talents enter the artificial intelligence industry. 

The new initiative of Meta and Georgia Tech will help the artificial intelligence industry to boom further by bringing in new talents to encourage and support innovations. 

The company is collaborating with a group of colleges to train more people from underrepresented groups in artificial intelligence and to make free online education available. 

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It’s a semester-long deep learning course that has been meticulously designed to teach learners the principles of neural networks and applications like computer vision and language understanding. 

The curriculum involves most of the critical aspects of artificial intelligence that the global industry currently demands. Earlier, Meta had also collaborated with Georgia Tech to build a deep learning course curriculum that has been taken online by 2,400 students since 2020. 

This new AILA initiative is the company’s next step in educating students in the field of artificial intelligence. Chair of Computing at Georgia Tech, Charles Isbell, said, “By moving AI instruction online, we can reach more people from a wider range of backgrounds than ever before. This is not only a great opportunity for learners, but also for the field as a whole, which needs a diverse set of voices if it is to responsibly serve a diverse set of communities.” 

Meta aims to teach millions of people with this new initiative by making the AILA Education Hub available to everyone, including educators, students, researchers, and hobbyists alike, through Meta’s online education platform named Meta Blueprint. 

Meta has tied up with numerous colleges and universities such as Georgia Tech University, Florida Agricultural, and Mechanical University, Morgan State University, Florida International University, University of California Irvine, and many more to offer study material in its AILA program. 

Additionally, Meta has collaborated with Georgia Tech’s Dr. Kira to design a series of webinars that will be available on the AILA Education Hub and will assist professors in teaching the course content. 

Interested candidates can register for this program from the official website of Meta. 

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