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ManCorp Innovation Labs: Digitizing the course of Justice in India

The technology will be used to tackle the challenge of backlog court cases in the country.

In the first week of April 2021, the apex court of India unveiled an AI-powered initiative called SUPACE or the Supreme Court Portal for Assistance in Courts Efficiency. SUPACE will address one of the country’s widespread problems of a massive backlog of pending cases in all levels of courts. SUPACE helps judges and law clerks quickly extract information from large amounts of legal data in their research. 

“The role of AI will be the collection and analysis of data. It will process the facts and make it available to the judges seeking input for the decision. We will not let it spill over to decision making,” the then Chief Justice of India SA Bobde said during the launch.

A Pune, Nagpur, and Delhi-based startup, ManCorp helped build this AI system. ManCorp leverages technology to simplify the justice delivery process. The startup conducted pilot projects in the High Courts of Patna, Bombay, and Jharkhand. In Patna, they built an AI solution to help with the allocation of cases. In Bombay, it was a machine encoding handwritten or printed text with Optical Character Recognition and a chatbot named Jharkhand Samvad in Jharkhand High Court. 

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ManCorp’s primary focus is B2B, even though they have a strong foothold in Indian government organizations. ManCorp Innovation Labs was founded in 2018 by Manthan Trivedi, Vishnu Gite, and Rathin Deshpande. The company started as a deep-tech think tank and evolved into an R&D lab.

A new smart solutions product from ManCorp is an integrated system that brings together multiple systems such as PDF Reader, Microsoft Word, Zoom, or Google Meet on one platform. ManCorp is also working with the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal to find solutions for an automated defect detection system. This system aims to automate the income tax filing process so mistakes can be quickly notified and rectified. 

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