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ITE College Central launches AI program with NVIDIA

The AI Training Program will allow students to work alongside companies to develop AI solutions for real-world business challenges.

The Institute of Technical Education (ITE)launches its new program in artificial intelligence. ITE has collaborated with technology company NVIDIA to come up with the newly designed AI program. 

It is a three-year partnership deal to offer a jointly developed AI Workforce Readiness Program. The country’s Education Minister launched the AI training program in an event where he also viewed a showcase of NVIDIA-powered AI applications that support students’ learning. 

The partnership will allow ITE College to build a new artificial intelligence training facility in its campus equipped with NVIDIA’s best-in-class computing machines that will be used to develop AI applications. 

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Minister of Education, Chan Chun Sing, said, “Students will be exposed to skillsets in computer vision, pattern recognition, and data analytics, and trained to support AI applications in predictive maintenance, industrial inspection, and video analytics.” 

He also mentioned that the AI Workforce Readiness Program would provide ITE students with a suite of artificial intelligence capabilities for the future. ITE College’s new AI facility named AiTE, will allow students to work closely with companies and develop AI solutions to tackle business challenges.

It is the first AI establishment at the ITE College that will enable students to work with real-world artificial intelligence projects. According to the college, the newly launched AI Training Program will help more than 400 students acquire relevant skills that the artificial intelligence market currently requires. 

NVIDIA will not only provide infrastructure but will also provide appropriate training to faculty members of ITE, enabling the faculty to deliver NVIDIA’s AI curriculum to the students of the course. 

“These are programs that are widely adopted by the industry, and they provide the students here in ITE a very good grasp of what AI technology is and also this is very hands-on, very practice-oriented, which basically suits the curriculum the ITE students will endeavor to learn,” said Nvidia’s senior director for enterprise business in Southeast Asia and Australia, Dennis Ang.

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