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Datatron to offer Accelerated AI Model Deployment and AI Governance Program

The accelerated AI model deployment program will help 5 selected companies to deploy or govern AI models in less than two weeks.

Enterprise-grade cloud-native AI platform provider Datatron announces that it plans to offer accelerated artificial intelligence model deployment and AI governance program. This new offering of Datatron will help companies quickly develop and deploy their artificial intelligence models. 

Datatron will select five companies to let them participate in a hyper-accelerated program that guarantees their AI models will be deployed or governed in less than two weeks. 

Most companies lack machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise, which makes model development a tedious and time-consuming task. The program is designed to tackle this challenge and guarantee model deployment in just a few weeks. 

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CEO of Datatron, Harish Doddi, said, “We want to show once and for all how our solution, tested and proven by a Super Bowl sponsor, stands head and shoulders above any other MLOps solution in the market. Over the years, there have been a lot of solutions and tools in the marketplace that do not offer real business benefits.” 

He further added that they are taking a stance to cut out a lot of confusion that prevents many companies from being successful with artificial intelligence. Datatron will provide the following to the selected five companies – 

  • Tips to generate revenue with artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Datatron expertise to integrate toolsets in enterprises. 
  • An on-premises or cloud instance delivering one model into production in a week’.
  • Leading MLOps, governance, and operationalizing functionalities. 
  • Best practices to monitor and govern artificial intelligence models for performance and compliance. 

San Francisco-based technology company Datatron was founded by Harish Doddi and Jerry Xu in 2016. The company is known for developing an automated Enterprise scale model monitoring and model governance platform for machine learning data science and artificial intelligence models in production. 

To date, the firm has raised over $12 million from investors like Synapse Partners, Plug and Play Tech Center, Authentic Ventures, and many more in its seed funding round. Interested companies can easily apply for the program from the official website of Datatron

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