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Experience Amazing Video Personalizations with Myna by Gan.ai

Gan.ai is a generative AI firm helping users transform their videos with personalizations and effects without hassle.

2022 was the year of generative AI, emerging as one of the most strategic technologies that revolutionized the content creation market. The industry is anticipated to exhibit a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of over 19.80% in the next five years, as per a report by IMARC Group. Generative AI models utilize advanced machine learning to produce text, images, and videos with simple text inputs. These models substantially impact any organization’s marketing, design, and interpersonal communications. 

Realizing the enormous potential generative AI holds, many startups have tried to ride this wave, but not all have been able to create an impact. Unlike others, Gan.ai was able to harness the power of generative AI and develop something powerful. Gan.ai is a budding Indian company that offers unique video personalization services using Myna, its first commercially available product leveraging generative AI.

To get a deeper understanding of Myna and more insights into Gan.ai’s technology, we interviewed Suvrat Bhooshan, Founder and CEO of Gan.ai. 

The Mind Behind Gan.ai and Myna 

Gan.ai, previously known as Gan Studio, was founded by Suvrat Bhooshan, an artificial intelligence enthusiast.  He is an alumnus of Georgia Institute of Technology, a Bachelor of Science (CS), and Stanford University, Master of Science (CS). Suvrat is a deep learning expert with experience in software development and research engineering at Facebook AI, New York. He specializes in building large transformer models and has been published in several renowned deep-learning conferences like NeuRIPS and ACL. 

Upon returning to India at the end of 2020, Suvrat established Gan Studio in 2021 as an AI-driven personalized messaging service provider. The service created numerous personalized variations of messages using single-input videos. Over the year, Gan.ai advanced to offer more complex video personalizations, like the Zomato ad starring Hrithik Roshan.

The Pretense 

Video communication is becoming more and more popular when it comes to content development. But while addressing a broad audience, generating videos is a cumbersome process that limits customization. Gan.ai was founded with the goal of helping organizations optimize and enhance their video creation process and engage with the audience more effectively with personalized landing pages.

While it may seem to work like the standard deepfake technology, Gan.ai’s fundamental difference lies in personalization and not curation. While deepfake is used to replace the person or likeness with another person, personalization only alters certain aspects of the video. For instance, a food delivery agent (like Zomato/Swiggy) sends a personalized video starring an ambassador who surprisingly addresses you by name and mentions your favorites (based on your recent orders).

Build Dynamic Video Experiences with Myna

Myna is the first brainchild of Gan.ai and is a generative AI tool that helps you build dynamic one-on-one video experiences. Its AI engine enables you to curate breathtaking video campaigns that can be tweaked according to user preferences. It takes three simple steps and only a few minutes to produce hyper-personalized videos with choice parameters. All you have to do is shoot and upload your campaign on Myna, select the words that need to be personalized, and just click on generate! The tool has already captured next-level engagement for brands like Zomato, Swiggy, Bajaj, and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Myna has also powered Vivo’s most recent campaign, #vivoVBADay2022

Suvrat believes that Gan.ai has the potential to be the face of generative AI and can advance existing text-to-video generative models. He said, “Gan.ai is at the forefront of generative AI, working on state-of-the-art text-to-video generative models. Today, we have developed the best-in-class LipSync and AudioSync models all in-house and are working towards general domain agnostic video generation simply by describing what you want to showcase.”

You can also see Myna in action on their website.

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