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NVIDIA unveils an early access program for Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine

NVIDIA unveils an early access program for NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE), where developers and teams can build virtual assistants and avatars to enhance existing workflows in business applications.

Omniverse ACE is a suite of cloud-native AI microservice that makes it easier to build and deploy intelligent virtual assistants and digitals humans at scale. It improvises the avatar development process and delivers the AI building blocks necessary to add intelligence and animations to avatars, which are built on any engine virtually and deployed on any cloud. The AI assistants and avatars are designed for organizations across industries to enhance existing workflows and unlock new business opportunities.

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NVIDIA’s early access program provides access to the pre-release versions of ACE animation AI and conversational AI microservices along with:  

  • 3D animation AI microservice for third-party avatars that uses Omniverse Audio2Face generative AI to make realistic facial animations from audio files. 
  • 2D animation AI microservice, Portrait enables easy animations of 2D portraits or stylized human faces using live video feeds.
  • Text-to-speech micro service leverages NVIDIA Riva TTS to synthesize natural-sounding speech from raw transcripts without any additional information like patterns or rhythms of speech.

With NVIDIA’s early access program, teams and developers can also access tooling, sample reference applications, and supporting resources, which can help them get started.

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Manjiri Gaikwad
Manjiri Gaikwad
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