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DataRobot acquires to create a more actionable AI

On 1st November, DataRobot announced the acquisition of and the return of Dan Becker to DataRobot. Dan’s legendary career has taken him from Kaggle to DataRobot to Google to founding, and now, with this acquisition, he is back to DataRobot. Dan has experience consulting on AI projects for 6 Fortune 100 companies and contributions to leading open-source AI tools, including Keras and TensorFlow. 

DataRobot was founded in 2012, and today, it is the AI Cloud leader, delivering a unified platform for all data types, users, and environments to speed up the delivery of AI to production for every organization. 

Earlier this year, DataRobot launched a No-Code App Builder. Regardless of the user’s technical expertise, it allows any user to quickly turn a deployed model into a rich AI application without coding. Users can also get context on critical features, run what-if simulations, and determine how to optimize their models for precise outcomes. With DataRobot’s Decision Intelligence Flows capability launch, users can visually create complex rules to assess their predictions. It also helps to automate the decision-making process at scale. 

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“This gives DataRobot a chance to integrate some key complementary technology and bring onboard some great minds such as Dan Becker & team. This was an excellent decision (pun intended) by DataRobot,” said Igor Veksler in a LinkedIn post.

The acquisition of will help DataRobot extend and improve its existing no-code app building and decision intelligence flow tools. These tools help DataRobot users optimize decisions in complex, dynamic business processes. With the augmented Decision Intelligence Suite in DataRobot AI Cloud, companies can make faster and smarter decisions when they can see the entire picture and how the decision will play out over time.

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Osheen Jain
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