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Coimbatore Airport gets AI-powered Robots

The AI robots will freely move around inside the airport to greet passengers and ask whether they want any assistance.

Coimbatore airport in Tamil Nadu now gets artificial intelligence (AI)-powered robots to provide a better experience to travelers and visitors. 

According to the airport management, the software employed for the robots has been customized for Coimbatore airport and will show a number of airport-specific services. 

The AI robots will freely move around inside the airport to greet passengers and ask whether they want any assistance. Officials mentioned that the robots got deployed on Thursday, 23rd June. 

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The official press release mentioned, “With this, we are bringing the help desk to the passenger rather than passengers approaching the help desk.” 

The robots will set up a video connection on the robot’s screen to link the traveler to the airport terminal assistance desk if they wish to talk to an official. 

Moreover, the AI-enabled robots will provide information on food convenience services to travelers. 

The Airport Authority of India mentioned in a Tweet, “#AAI believes that innovation plays a significant role in civil aviation sector & can change the way airports function and provide better facilities to air travelers. #AAI’s #Coimbatore @aaicbeairport introduces AI-based robots to provide enhanced airport experiences to flyers.”

Earlier this month, a similar deployment also happened at the Bengaluru airport. Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, introduced 10 new AI-powered assistance robots. The robots will provide numerous services, including information on the flight status, passenger convenience services, directional assistance, retail, and F&B information, mentioned officials. 

The AI robots were developed in collaboration with Artiligent Solutions, a company specializing in AI and robotics. English is the current default language of the robots, but more languages are to be added soon. 

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Dipayan Mitra
Dipayan Mitra
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