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Euclid raises $27M in Series B Funding for its AI-based Heart Disease Diagnosis Software

The heart disease software maker gets regulatory nods in the US and the European Union for detecting changes in the heart tissue.

In a series B funding round, Euclid, a medical technology company based out of Boston, scores $27M. The company announces that it will commercialize its AI-based heart disease diagnosis software. 

Using machine learning techniques, Euclid’s noninvasive software was designed to generate measurable data on the heart’s assessed tissue. The technology is specifically made to spot abnormalities brought on by plaque accumulation, necrotic cores with high lipid concentrations (known as “Lipid Rich Necrotic Cores”), and other changes that may be indicative of a heart attack. The organization also looks at the software’s use in determining a vessel’s capacity to enlarge and changes in fractional flow reserve (FFRct).

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Blake Richards, CEO of Euclid, said, “Euclid is committed to providing physicians the most rigorously validated diagnostic platform to fight cardiovascular disease. Every patient is different and needs to be treated specific to his or her individual disease.”
Euclid’s technology was approved by the FDA and received a CE mark in detecting plaque changes in the cardiac tissue compared to traditional specimen histopathology. John Fichthorn, from MedTex Ventures (one of the investors from the Series B round), said, “Euclid’s basis in histopathology is highly differentiated from competitive methods and is paramount to understanding the key drivers of atherosclerosis which cause ischemia and heart attacks.”

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