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Avalanche Computing to launch new Low-Code AI Tool at CES 2022

hAIsten AI uses various GPUs to speed the model development process, helping developers quickly build scalable AI models.

Hyper-scale computing developing company Avalanche Computing announces to launch their new highly capable low-code artificial intelligence tool at CES 2022. The event is planned to commence on 5th January in Las Vegas, the United States. 

The event will host companies from various parts of the world to showcase their technologies to a larger audience. The company is all set to unveil its newly developed artificial intelligence tool at the TTA Pavilion at Booth 61423 and 61837 in Sands Hall G, Eureka Park, Las Vegas Convention Center. 

The new Software as a Service named hAIsten AI can drastically reduce the time involved in developing full-fledged artificial intelligence models. Co-founder and CEO of Avalanche Computing, Jay Chen, said, “We are really excited to share hAIsten AI with CES 2022 participants and believe this tool will revolutionize how data scientists train their algorithms, creating more parity in the AI development space.” 

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A typical AI model development involves numerous time-consuming and complex tasks, which are also very expensive. Avalanche Computing’s hAIsten AI solution will considerably help developers and engineers quickly build AI models by reducing the time from an average of a year to just a matter of months.

The solution leverages multiple GPUs to speed up the model development process. The solution provides a user dashboard that can be used to motor the status of AI models in real-time, helping users to better manage their models. Taiwan-based deep learning tools developing firm Avalanche Computing was founded by Jason Huang, Jay Chen in 2018. 

The company specializes in developing hyper-scale computing solutions primarily for the artificial intelligence industry. “Our technology enables teams to bring their new products to the market faster, supporting their competitiveness in the fast-evolving AI arena,” said Co-founder Jason Huang.

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