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Vantagepoint AI receives Award for Leading AI-powered Trading Software Provider in 2022

Corporate Vision Magazine has awarded Vantagepoint AI for being the leader in AI-powered trading software providers in 2022.

Trading software developing company for the finance industry Vantagepoint AI receives an award for leading AI-powered trading software provider in 2022. Corporate Vision Magazine’s Excellence award bestowed Vantagepoint AI with this remarkable award, making an excellent start for the company in the new year. 

Vantagepoint AI’s solution allows independent traders to enjoy various benefits of artificial intelligence-powered features from their PCs, aiding them in trading. The company has gained a loyal customer base by providing unmatched forecasts and trading predictions that have helped hundreds of independent traders. 

President of Vantagepoint AI, Lane Mendelsohn, said, “Our greatest reward is hearing from traders daily about how our software and our dedication to customer care are changing their lives. It’s humbling to know that other companies might emulate our formula.” 

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He further added that they are extremely honored to be recognized by the Corporate Vision Magazine for being a company that can inspire others. Corporate Vision Magazine is one of the most popular and acclaimed global business magazines that focuses on better business practices and covers the latest trends in products, services, and innovations. 

Tampa Bay-based software developer Vantagepoint AI is a family-owned business founded by Louis B.Mendelsohn in 1979. The company also provides free live online sessions to teach beginners how to use artificial intelligence in trading. Interested candidates can easily enroll themselves for free live sessions from the official website of Vantagepoint AI

The company’s platform can predict trends in Stocks, Futures, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, and ETFs using its patented neural network process. It is a highly accurate platform with an accuracy rate of over 87.4% and has a customer base spread across more than 160 countries globally. 

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