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Amazon plans to use ML Algorithm for providing Styling Recommendations at Stores

Amazon will analyze the data collected from scanned items to offer personalized fashion recommendations to customers.

Technology giant Amazon plans to use an artificial intelligence-powered algorithm in its stores to provide styling recommendations to visiting customers. The system will be initially deployed at an Amazon store located in California. 

The unique algorithm is capable of offering tech-advanced services, including fashion recommendations, to customers. Amazon plans to debut this fashion recommendation system at its 30,000 f2 shops named Amazon Style near Los Angeles. The fashion store will feature clothing items for both men and women, including shoes and other accessories of various price points. 

A Managing Director, Simoina Vasen, said, “We wouldn’t do anything in physical retail unless we felt we could significantly improve the customer experience.” Amazon believes that its new styling recommendation system will help provide an enhanced buying experience to shoppers.

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According to officials, machine learning algorithms will be used to generate personalized, real-time recommendations based on preferences like style and fit.

Recently, online consignment and thrift shop Swap partnered with Find.Fashion to offer unprecedented visual searching features using artificial intelligence and emotion recognition technologies. Find. Fashion’s solution prioritizes emotions behind user actions instead of solely relying on text-based actions of users to offer unmatched quality and relevance of search results to customers. 

In the Amazon Style store, the display items will be showcased on racks, and customers need to scan a code using the amazon mobile application to select the color and size they would like to buy. Customers can then enter a virtual queue for the trial room as it gets unlocked on their smartphones. 

This one-of-a-kind technology will not only reduce the required size of a fashion store but also help in providing a unique shopping experience to customers. Vasan said that inside the trial rooms is “a personal space for you to continue shopping without ever having to leave.” Amazon analyzes every item that customers scan and runs the data through its machine learning algorithms to offer personalized fashion recommendations according to their preferences. 

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