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Adobe Stock to accept images generated by AI on its services

Adobe is embracing content made with generators like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion.

Adobe Stock will accept images generated by AI on its service, the company said in a blog post on Monday. 

Unlike stock image services like Getty Images, which have prohibited illustrations generated using AI on their platforms, Adobe is embracing content created with generators like DALL-E, which is now open to everyone, and Stable Diffusion. These generators use text-to-image prompts to generate art and other-worldly images. 

“Adobe Stock contributors are using AI technologies to increase their earning potential, diversify their portfolios, and expand their creativity,” Sarah Casillas, senior director at Adobe, said in the blog post. Adobe Stock will accept art created with such models under the condition that they are registered as such. 

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Leading up to Monday’s announcement, Adobe has been quietly testing AI-generated images. Casillas said that the company was pleasantly surprised by the results. “It meets our quality standards and has been performing well,” Casillas said.  

Due to possible copyright issues, Getty Images said in September that it would not use images generated by AI on its service. Adobe, however, created terms to avoid any such risks.  

Creators must have property rights for their art before they submit it to Adobe Stock, and they must read the terms and conditions for AI tools. They cannot submit photos with logos, notable people, famous characters, or real places. If they stick to the terms and conditions, artists may earn royalties through their AI-generated content. 

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