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Adobe Expands NFT Support to Polygon and Solana

Behance users will now be able to seamlessly showcase Solana and Polygon-based NFTs on Adobe’s platform.

Adobe announces the addition of Polygon and Solana on its creative social media platform Behance to expand its Non-fugitive Token (NFT) support. 

Adobe recently made this announcement through a blog post on its website. The addition will allow Behance users to seamlessly showcase Solana and Polygon-based NFTs on Adobe’s platform. 

Behance’s integration with Polygon is the next phase in Adobe’s Web3 journey. Polygon and Solana are both green blockchains as Polygon consumes a fraction of the energy that Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains do, and each Solana transaction consumes less energy than two Google searches. 

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Therefore users will not only be able to showcase their NFTs but also help in reducing carbon footprint. 

Polygon is built on top of the popular Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, it avoids Ethereum’s high transaction costs, allowing users to minimize the transaction fees involved. 

Vice President of Product at Adobe, Will Allen, said that he is impressed by Polygon’s vision of being an Ethereum scaling solution. “It can help give creators the best of both worlds: the security of Ethereum as a settlement layer while providing lower gas fees and a negligible carbon footprint,” he added

In addition, Adobe has also launched the Content Authenticity Initiative, an open-source standard that allows artists to attach proof of origin to their artworks. 

Furthermore, the company is partnering with popular NFT marketplaces, including OpenSea, SuperRare, KnownOrigin, and Rarible. Interested users can visit Adobe’s blog to understand how to showcase their NFTs on Behance. 

Designer Christina Young said, “As we venture further into NFTs, it’s important that we stay true to ourselves, find communities that uplift, and create that empowering experience for ourselves and others.” 

She also mentioned that Solana is more environmentally sensitive, and it is dedicated to cultivating a supportive, positive, and healthy community of artists and collectors.

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