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GIWUS Technology Announces AI controlled Fire Protection System

The fire protection system comes with an Ultraxs Robotic Firefighter and a Smart Application to accurately detect and extinguish fire.

Innovative fire protection products developing company GIWUS Technology announces the world’s first fully automated artificial intelligence (AI)-controlled fire protection system. 

According to the company, its newly built AI-powered technology integrates with existing fire suppression systems and the metaverse to automatically identify and extinguish flames without the need for any human intervention. 

GIWUS Technology claims that its technology can detect and extinguish fires at a record time of 55 seconds. The new system automatically learns the environment and uses artificial intelligence to perform in new scenarios. 

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The fire protection system comes with an Ultraxs Robotic Firefighter and a Smart Application that carries out the operations. 

“Ultrax Robotic Firefighter is a unique device equipped with a combination of AI, smart detector, advanced fire suppression, and smart application to avoid losses, save water, and the environment,” said GIWUS. 

The Ultraxs is a high-end tool that can be connected with Google Assistant, Apple HomePod mini, Amazon Alexa & Echo to the app in order to protect smart homes. 

Additionally, the fire detection system is integrated with a smart detector that reduces the chances of false alarms up to 99%. Its smart sensor rotates 360 degrees and uses AI to identify a fire in just a few seconds. 

A significant advantage of the Ultraxs fire suppression system is that it disperses materials solely in the local vicinity of the fire, avoiding damage and subsequent losses in the surrounding areas. 

GIWUS Technology mentioned in a blog, “The Ultraxs smart application is programmed to connect to Ultraxs Robotic Firefighter wirelessly via Bluetooth. Users can access the smart app on a phone, tablet, computer, or other smart devices.” 

It further quoted that the application provides users with information such as the location of the fire, the status of the building facilities, exits and escape routes, fire pattern, and setting options for personalizing their device by alarm, voice, or notification in their preferred language, with the ability to send them to all residents’ smartphones. 

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