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Accenture collaborates with Udacity for the Accenture Scholarship Program

In a joint initiative, Udacity and Accenture have launched the Accenture Scholarship Program to offer free Nanodegrees to 600 applicants who do not hold a four-year college degree and train them for Accenture Apprenticeship Program positions.

Accenture has recently collaborated with Udacity through the Accenture Scholarship Program to provide technical education to the students with no or limited technical knowledge.  

There are no prerequisites for the program. Interested applicants can apply for the program here. Applicants may apply for the program by Jan 17, 2022. Scholarship recipients will be notified by Feb 17, 2022, and Nanodegree programs will commence on Feb 21, 2022. 

Participants who complete the Challenge and Assessment will be eligible for a full scholarship to either Udacity’s Intro to Programming or Predictive Analytics programs.

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Approximately 600 people will receive full scholarships to Udacity’s “Intro to Programming” or “Predictive Analytics Program.” To complete the program, participants need to commit ten hours each week. They will learn basic coding skills with the Intro to Programming path and predictive analytics with the Predictive Analytics path.

Following the Nanodegree program’s conclusion, all scholarship recipients will be eligible to apply to the Apprenticeship program

Educating the next generation is a race against technology. People will need new skills as intelligent machines and systems change the nature of work. 

With the increasing need for people in the field of technology, large corporations are testing lifelong learning methods. Still, traditional education and learning systems are ineffective and unsuited to the challenges of the new skills generation. Organizations with smaller sizes are more likely to be at risk if they fail to apply new learning techniques. There could also be significant economic repercussions.

The Chicago Apprenticeship Network was created in 2017 by Accenture and Aon. They aimed to provide underserved communities with more opportunities for high-paying tech jobs. Because of this commitment, Accenture is collaborating with Udacity to create a program that trains students to become employable.

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