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NCKU and Quanta Computer set up AI research center

The Joint AI Research Center will serve as a platform for teams at NCKU and Quanta Computer to match-make with each other to commercialize newly developed research products

Earlier this week, Quanta Computer and National Cheng Kung University announced the creation of the Quanta-NCKU Joint Artificial Intelligence Research Center.

In a ceremony attended by Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-Che, NCKU President Su Huey-Jen, and Quanta Computer Chair Barry Lam, signed an agreement on creating an interdisciplinary team to integrate AI cloud technology at the national level. A high-performance AI server by Quanta Computer was presented to NCKU at the event, and the company has committed to continue sponsoring the AI research center for the next four years.

Huang said in the speech that the city has formed a 5G Tainan Team with Quanta Computer to implement 5G technology in the city government.

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Su praised Lam for his decision to help promote AI-related innovations in Taiwan after the Legislative of Yuan recently passed a bill to create the Ministry of Digital Development. With Quanta Computer boasting a renowned legacy in hardware, the center will have the most advanced equipment, NCKU newly founded School of Smart Semiconductor and Sustainable Manufacturing has proven to be a perfect fit.

Through its AI Cloud Platform, QOCA Air, Quanta initiated a research collaboration with NCKU. The platform, which carries Quanta’s ICT innovations, is constantly updated, customized, and re-designed in light of the results achieved through the collaboration. 

The joint research center will be supported by Quanta, providing the necessary resources for accelerating AI research. Additionally, NCKU will build a platform that enables researchers to research across multiple fields.  

Combining biomedical technology, the internet of things, big data, and optoelectronics to create critical applications in Taiwan’s medical, agricultural, and Urban Sectors is part of the school’s strategy to foster industry-academia collaboration and foster smart applications. A smart city that demonstrates the Internet of Things in action will be NCKU’s goal with additional help from the Ministry of Digital Development.

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