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Telangana to introduce AI-Based machine for Quality checking Crops

An AI-based initiative will help in analyzing the quality of crops by generating a detailed report in a minute.

The IT department of Telangana state is now all set to introduce and implement AI-based quality control for crops or grains stocked at the state’s procurement centers. In 2020, Telangana became the first state in India to launch an actionable policy framework for artificial intelligence. 

Following that, the AI-based crop quality control initiative further makes the state a pioneer for implementing artificial intelligence for public welfare. The AI-based quality control project is planned to be initially deployed as a pilot project in three procurement centers across the state, including Narayanpet and Kamareddy. 

A model will help in determining the quality, grade, moisture in grains like paddy, red gram, and Bengal gram. After analyzing such parameters, a model will generate a wholesome report in a minute, giving a clear insight into the grain parameters. In the future, the model will also be enhanced to help in determining the quality of fruits and vegetables. 

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With this method, farmers can analyze the quality of grains independently instead of waiting for the approval of selection officers at respective procurement centers to examine and finalize the grade and quality of grains. An AI-based quality control model works by placing a few grain samples from a respective grain type in a tray that belongs to a quality control machine. The machine captures the picture of the grains in a 360-degree view.

Further, the images are loaded into the algorithm of an AI-based machine that instantly identifies the type of the grain and analyses the parameters like moisture content, size, color, immatureness, and presence of any foreign matter. 

Since the report generated by an AI-based machine has a detailed analysis of chemical content in the grain samples, farmers can use such information to alter and enhance their farming practices. For example, when a report shows the presence of foreign substances like harmful insecticides or pesticides in grain, a farmer can change or reduce the fertilizers to yield better grains. The TSTS-ITE&C department of the Telangana government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with nebula innovations private limited for implementing a model for AI-based quality check of crops or grains at procurement centers across the state.

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