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SCOUT expands US Navy Artificial Intelligence capabilities

The SCOUT Experimentation is an effort by the U.S. Navy to develop new technologies and automate processes that will assist warfighters

The U.S. Navy is developing new programs and automating artificial intelligence operations into standard processes to manage the operational governance between warfighters better.

Following the celebration of Industry Day on November 22, Navy officials issued a special announcement to enlist vendors for conducting research campaigns. The program has been named “SCOUT,” and using this program, the researchers will analyze operational issues, improve tactical fighter capabilities, and develop decision facilitation technologies.

In addition to AI and automation, Navy researchers are looking forward to embedding machine learning algorithms dedicated to targeting recognition, natural language processing, sensor fusion, and decision support as potential technology solutions.

Daniel Cabel, ONR’s SCOUT lead, said that the SCOUT campaign will launch in the summer of 2022 and consist of two experimental tracks. While one will focus on technology scouting and finding new solutions to corporate problems, the other will collaborate with Navy personnel and industry partners to host sprint events. This will allow a faster decision process.

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JIATF-South, the Navy’s Southern Command, will conduct the SCOUT’s first training exercise in the air and on the water to combat illegal drug trafficking. 

According to Cabel, vendors have to develop creative and flexible technological solutions to meet SCOUT’s needs, and automation is the Navy’s new technology hallmark. 

As a part of their border mission, the Navy’s ongoing efforts to develop unmanned technologies and autonomous intelligence systems to facilitate strategic decisions. 

In addition, he explained that the Navy is not looking for “Universal” programs and technologies but for scalable solutions that could adapt quickly to any environment. The Navy’s entire workforce would benefit from a technical solution developed for JIATF-South. 

SCOUT’s mission is to develop step-by-step tests for identifying operational problems and not solicitation requirements.

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