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Sway AI launches No-Code Artificial Intelligence Platform

Data scientists and AI professionals can interact with stakeholders and design prototypes faster using Sway AI’s newly launched no-code platform.

Scalable artificial intelligence solutions developing firm Sway AI announces the launch of its new no-code artificial intelligence platform. 

The newly announced AI platform will help boost the adoption rate of artificial intelligence in enterprises across the globe. Sway AI’s no-code platform would allow companies to quickly build and deploy artificial intelligence solutions without prior AI experience or investment. 

It is a highly efficient and easy-to-use platform as users do not need to have previous knowledge of coding to develop and deploy AI solutions. 

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Data scientists and AI professionals can interact with stakeholders and design prototypes faster using Sway AI’s newly launched platform. 

CEO and Co-founder of Sway AI, Amir Atai, said, “By using Sway AI – enterprises can expect the best AI capabilities available without going through complex evaluation exercises and committing to inflexible technology choices. With Sway AI, an enterprise can reduce development and deployment costs by up to 10x and deployment time from months to hours.” 

He further added that businesses were faced with the difficult challenge of deciding which AI tools, technologies, and models to use from an expanding and complex marketplace. 

Sway AI’s platform comes as a turning point as it simplifies this ever-changing AI environment by providing best-in-class AI tooling. According to Sway AI, Enterprise AI is a trillion-dollar business, however, 85% of the artificial intelligence projects fail. 

On the contrary, Sway AI developed this highly scalable AI platform that allows organizations to enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence solutions without putting in much effort. Sway AI’s no-code platform comes with collaboration features that help organizations improve business alignment, reduce risk, and drive increased ROIs. 

Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Sway AI, Jitendra Arora, said, “Sway AI offers best-in-class open-source capabilities as a future-proof platform. This minimizes investment and adoption risks, especially as the growth of AI tools accelerate.” 

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