Friday, July 19, 2024
ad expands Research and Support Capabilities at Los Alamos National Laboratory expands Research and Support Capabilities at Los Alamos National Laboratory’s technology performs natural language understanding and user interface functions within Compendia.

Artificial intelligence company announces that it plans to expand research and support capabilities at Los Alamos National Library. 

According to, the United States National Security Research Center (NSRC) will use’s technology as a fundamental component of Titan Technologies’ Compendia solution to make digitized documents easier to search. 

The National Security Research Center (NSRC) is one of the world’s largest libraries with millions of items such as film, audio, journals, pictures, papers, drawings, microfiche, aperture cards, and several others. 

Read More: Intel plans to Acquire Tower Semiconductor for $5.4 billion’s cutting-edge technology would allow the Compendia system from Titan Technologies to organize unstructured content into a safe digital library. 

The Compendia solution integrates knowledge and learning in the new NSRC system, Titan on the Red, with artificial intelligence-powered natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning offered by 

Director, National Security Research Center, Rizwan Ali, said, “One of the greatest assets at Los Alamos National Laboratory is the information that we have generated in over 75 years of nuclear weapons work. This is what distinguishes us from any other weapons laboratory in existence. The Titan on the Red system will make this valuable information discoverable.” 

Los Alamos National Laboratory Weapons Program scientists and engineers underwent a successful six-month proof-of-concept before made this announcement. The PoC program provided the researchers with automated research support using AI-based natural language processing and machine learning. 

According to the company, its technology performs natural language understanding and user interface functions within Compendia by using proprietary semantics-based processes to generate granular metadata. 

Additionally, the technology can place textual content into context and detect even hidden information. 

United States-based artificial intelligence company, also known as Expert Systems, was founded by Marco Varone, Paolo Lombardi, and Stefano Spaggiari in 1989. The firm specializes in developing and deploying cutting-edge NLU solutions for the public sector, including law enforcement, the military, and others.

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Dipayan Mitra
Dipayan Mitra
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