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Sony announces the PlayStation VR2 headset and VR2 Sense controller at CSE 2022

Sony, the Japanese electronics company, launched the 2nd generation of PlayStation VR and PlayStation VR2 sense controller. The company announced the official name of the next-generation VR headset and VR controller during CES 2022. Both the PlayStation VR2 headset and the VR Sense controller are for Sony’s PlayStation 5. 

The company also announced the Horizon Call of the Mountain, an exclusive game for PlayStation VR 2 based in the world of Horizon Forbidden West and Horizontal Zero Dawn. The game was developed by Guerrilla and Firespirit studios, the makers of ‘The Playroom’ series for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. 

Sony’s newly launched PlayStation VR2 headset comes with an OLED HDR display with a 110-degree field of view and 4K resolution. The headset can put out frame rates between 90 to 120Hz. Users will also enjoy eye-tracking features, helping them interact more intuitively and in lifelike ways. Cameras are embedded in the PlayStation VR 2 headset that allows for inside-out tracking without external cameras.

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PlayStation VR is a massive upgrade from the first PSVR on the PS4, which offered 960×1080 per eye and a 100-degree field of view. However, the original PSVR also had an OLED display and was set to a frame rate of 120Hz.

The headset will also combine 3D audio, amplifying in-world experience. Hideaki Nishino, PlayStation executive in charge of platform experience, said users could feel a character’s pulse during tense moments or perceive objects whizzing their heads with the new sensory headsets. 

Sony has also provided headset feedback, a sensory feature that will amplify the sensations of in-game actions. PlayStation VR2 gives a next-gen experience with high-fidelity visuals, enhanced tracking, new sensory characteristics, and a simplified single-cord setup.

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