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Oppo launches first 6G Artificial Intelligence Competition on DataFountain

Participants need to use AI-based methods to realize a big set of wireless channel data generation, which is seeded from a small set of real channel data.

One of the largest smartphone manufacturers, Oppo, launches the world’s first 6G artificial intelligence competition on a leading big data and AI competition platform, DataFountain. 

Experts believe that deep learning-based wireless communication technology will shape the future of the technology. Oppo’s 6G AI competition can play a vital role in modernizing the future of wireless communications and artificial intelligence, as until now, most of the R&D on 5G wireless communication technology has only been carried out in academia. 

Now researchers will get an opportunity to redefine wireless communication technology as we move forward from 5G to 6G. This will also allow researchers to integrate 6G with artificial intelligence to achieve better results. 

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The official name of the competition is AI-based Channel Modeling and Generating, and the participants have to consider using artificial intelligence-based methods to generate large amounts of data seeded from a small set of real channel data during the competition. Judges will analyze the similarity and diversity of the generated data for the evaluation process. 

The competition has already begun on 24th December and will continue till 11th March 2022. Interested candidates can visit the official website of DataFountain to register for the competition. The entire competition will be held virtually apart from the technology sharing process and awarding ceremony.

The competition has a prize pool of ¥380,000 in which the winners will be awarded ¥300,000. The first runner-ups will receive ¥50,000 (2 teams), and the second runner-ups will receive ¥20,000 (3 teams).

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