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Snowplow Partners with Databricks for Data-Driven Applications and CDPs

With Snowplows’s AI-ready data on Databricks Lakehouse Platform, customers can integrate and build powerful composable data platforms (CDPs).

Snowplow announced a partnership with Databricks at the Data + AI Summit 2022. Being the industry leader in data creation, Snowplow provides AI-ready behavioral data in real-time that can be used on Databricks Lakehouse for building data-driven applications.

Additionally, data teams can now use behavioral data to power Snowplow’s new custom-built web models, sophisticated analytics, and automated insight as part of a composable CDP, right from their Databricks Lakehouse.

Roger Murff, VP, ISV Partners at Databricks, said, “Our partners are vital to bringing the power of Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform to more customers around the world. We are thrilled for this partnership since behavioral data created with Snowplow can be loaded directly to Databricks without complex preparation processes, which is a key competitive advantage for modern data teams.”

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The partnership would allow users to take benefit from AI by accessing high-quality data to build ML/AI data applications within Databricks. Snowplow’s pioneering approach for data creation allows the users to leverage extensive data preparation, saving a lot of time. 

Alex Dean, CEO and co-founder at Snowplow, said, “With Snowplow and Databricks, data teams can harness this potential by making accurate predictions with AI-ready data and generating deep customer understanding in real-time within Databricks.”

Nick King, President of Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Snowplow, will have a speaking session on June 29, 2022, to give more insight into the partnership. 

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