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AI-Powered MyRaasta App Offers Complete Vehicle Inspection in 30 Seconds

The introduction of AI-based would reduce manual intervention and leverage computer vision for inspection.

Karn Nagpal designed the MyRaasta app to leverage state-of-the-art technology to offer customers complete vehicle inspections without human involvement. The car and bike service aggregator aims to provide convenience and hyper scalability of the network for MyRaasta users across the country. 

Founded in 2021, MyRaasta is a trusted and robust service network of standardized garages and on-site services for vehicles. It provides real-time assistance and 24×7 customer support via a one-touch mobile app. With a far-reaching goal of reducing the cost of vehicle services in the country by 40%, the repair platform covers a 360-degree spectrum of two-wheelers and car services. Customers can simply fill in their demands for tyres, batteries, extended warranty, roadside assistance, and much more. 

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The inclusive AI added to the platform allows customers to use their vehicle’s pictures and videos for analysis. The AI engine uses computer vision based on the customer’s input. Since there is no manual intervention except clicking the pictures/videos, the chances of bias remain negligible, providing a detailed report for all panels within 30 seconds. 

The report provides customers with information regarding any possible flaws or damage with their precise location and severity. It also gives accurate covering costs for the repair and rep

Karn Nagpal says, “MyRaasta is bringing much-required digitisation to the vehicle service experience nationwide. We are excited to be moving closer towards our goal of providing vehicle owners with world-class technology-enabled services with each integration.” He added, “We are confident that a real-time vehicle inspection will be extremely beneficial to customers and provide them with the tools to take better care of their vehicles in their fast-paced lives.”

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