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Smart Finance to launch ICO for new Crypto Platform based on AI and ML

The DeFi platform uses AI and ML to provide numerous features to help individuals start investing in cryptocurrencies.

Leading financial services providing company Smart Finance announced the launch of its new initial coin offering (ICO) for its new cryptocurrency platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. 

Trading crypto is a risky form of investment, but on the positive, it can also offer better rewards when compared to other investment options. The SMF Token of Smart Finances is a reliable way of entering and investing in the crypto domain. 

The newly announced artificial intelligence-powered decentralized finance (DeFi) platform developed by Smart Finance is a decentralized yield optimizer that allows users to earn compound interest from their cryptocurrency investments. Currently, the company is finalizing the technical designs of the platform before the market release of the AI-powered platform. 

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Smart Finance Official said, “This may make things considerably simpler for new cryptocurrency traders who haven’t yet had time to learn how the crypto world works. In order to determine the mood of the crypto market, an investor requires analysis of a large amount of data.” 

He further added that the main advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning is that they enable the platform to analyze large amounts of data accurately and quickly. The newly announced DeFi platform can analyze various kinds of data, including blogs, articles, forums, comments, and many more, to generate instantaneous and actionable results. 

The platform leverages several neural networks to offer forecasts and monitoring of the crypto market, including exchange rates with an accuracy of 90, making DeFi a highly dependable and robust platform for crypto trading. Additionally, DeFi will also offer an anti-scam feature that analyzes information related to cryptos to generate a score regarding investment risks. 

“Artificial Intelligence is the ultimate game changer in the crypto sector. AI provides a smart and powerful automated trading robot that can estimate crypto market values and automatically trade for you,” said the founder of Smart Finance.

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