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Seoul Robotics Launches Level 5 Control Tower for Autonomous Mobility

The technology uses various sensors installed in road side infrastructures to analyze the surroundings and send required data to vehicles.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions developer for the automobile industry Seoul Robotics launches its new level 5 control tower for autonomous mobility. It is a high-end technology that uses multiple sensors installed in a separate infrastructure, eliminating the need to place multiple sensors on individual vehicles. 

The one-of-a-kind technology uses 5G for allowing vehicles to operate autonomously using minimum sensors. The company is collaborating with BMW to refine the level 5 control tower for commercial deployment. 

Seoul Robotics plans to install sensors in the surroundings of roads, including on poles, traffic lights, buildings, and other related infrastructure, to minimize the need for deploying additional sensors on vehicles. 

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CEO of Seoul Robotics, Han Bin Lee, said, “Level 5 mobility has been proven to be more challenging to achieve than expected – until now. LV5 CTRL TWR has massive potential to fuel autonomous mobility, and we are thrilled to continue expanding upon the implementation of this technology with BMW and other partners.” 

He further added that their technology would eventually be deployed in public and commercial settings to aid vehicles in autonomous parking and public transit. Apart from these functionalities, the technology can also be used in various other operations of vehicle distribution centers, trucking logistics, car rental companies, and many more. 

The technology uses various sensors capable of analyzing surroundings in 3D perception to enable level 5 autonomy for vehicles moving in the covered radius. After collecting the required data, the Level 5 control tower will send the information to vehicles using V2X communication, enabling them to move autonomously without worrying about safety. Seoul Robotics is all set to showcase its level 5 control tower system at the CES event, which will be held in Las Vegas.

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