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John Deere unveils Autonomous Tractor at CES 2022

The autonomous tractor uses six pairs of cameras and a deep neural network powered by NVIDIA GPUs to scan the surroundings.

Agricultural and forestry machinery manufacturing company John Deere unveils its new fully autonomous tractor. John Deere revealed its new tractor at the CES 2022 event held in Las Vegas. John Deere’s autonomous tractor will be displayed in Central Plaza at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

The event invites companies from all over the world to showcase their innovations to a massive audience. According to John Deere, the fully autonomous tractor is ready to enter large-scale production and will soon be made available for purchase. 

The company has integrated various of its technologies and machinery, including Deere’s 8R tractor, TruSet-enabled chisel plow, GPS guidance system, and several others, to come up with this new fully autonomous tractor. 

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Vice president of production and precision agriculture production systems for Deere, Deanna Kovar, said, “This machine is not for demonstration but for real work in real farm fields and with real customers. We’re pretty confident this approach can be more productive. This tractor never stops to sleep or calls in sick.” 

John Deere has equipped the tractor with twelve cameras that enable it to scan the surroundings and make decisions to pass through any obstacle. The captured image is then run through a deep neural network which analyzes each pixel in about 100 milliseconds, making the decision related to movement highly accurate and reliable. 

The tractor has been equipped with NVIDIA GPUs to achieve the maximum possible performance for better autonomy. In order to use the tractor, users just need to position the tractor in fields and use the John Deere Operations Center Mobile platform to operate the vehicle effortlessly. 

The platform effectively displays live video, images, data, and metrics to help users manage the operations of the autonomous tractor. Users also get to adjust the tractor’s speed according to their requirements, making it a highly flexible and manageable machine. 

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