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MeetKai to unveil its first lifestyle VR world ‘MeetKai Metaverse’

MeetKai Metaverse will be made available on Meet VR, Huawei VR, and many more by 2022.

Voice-operated virtual assistant MeetKai unveils its first lifestyle VR world named MeetKai Metaverse. The new technology allows users to experience diverse scenarios with the help of artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

In the trailer released by the company, it can be seen that users can visit various locations like museums, sports arenas, tourist destinations including beaches, and many others in the MeetKai Metaverse. Apart from visiting different areas, users can also perform activities like boxing in the newly announced MeetKai Metaverse. 

It is a very cost-effective platform that offers an immersive experience to users using artificial intelligence technologies. Co-founder and CEO of MeetKai said, James Kaplan, “With our conversational AI we can enable experiences that would otherwise be unreachable or exclusive. Conversational AI is going to be the key in what comes to be known as the metaverse.” 

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He also mentioned that it is impossible to develop a true second place where people can experience more of the world without intelligent conversations. Users get access to various tours and get their questions answered by virtual assistants that drastically increase the quality and quantity of content in MeetKai Metaverse. 

According to the company, MeetKai Metaverse will be available on Meet VR, Huawei VR, and many others by this year. United States-based artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and conversational search firm MeetKai was founded by Weili Dai and James Kaplan in 2018. The company is currently a global leader in developing artificial intelligence-based conversational assistants. 

“Thanks to these unbounded virtual worlds, our physical selves can benefit from new experiences where we can see the unseen, reach the unreachable, and have access to unlimited knowledge. MeetKai’s metaverse can empower lives with great speed and efficiency,” said Co-founder and Chairwoman of MeetKai, Weili Dai. 

She also mentioned that they are extremely thrilled to be the first company to provide a lifestyle VR experience using conversational AI. Interested people can register to join the waitlist for MeetKai Metaverse from its official website. 

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