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Samsung partners with Keysight for Advanced Research in 6G

Samsung and Keysight will collaborate to create 6G wireless test and verification technology.

Smartphone and electronics manufacturing giant Samsung partners with leading technology company Keysight for advanced research in 6G technology. 

Both the companies have signed a memorandum of understanding, marking the commencement of the partnership. The joint venture will help develop next-generation communication technology for users across the world. 

Artificial intelligence, sensing, digital twins, time-sensitive networking (TSN), and holographic communications are all predicted to be used in 6G. According to officials, Samsung and Keysight will collaborate to create a 6G wireless test and verification technology. 

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As it is expected that a Space-Air-Ground-Sea Integrated Network will be used to deliver ubiquitous coverage from underwater to orbit, the partnership between the two companies might play a significant role in the research and development process of the technology. 

Vice President of Keysight’s network infrastructure business, Giampaolo Tardioli, said, “6G is expected to underpin the wireless connectivity fabric that leverages heterogeneous networks and the convergence of communication and computing. Establishing a 6G partnership with Samsung enables Keysight to refine our software-driven test solutions, critical in developing differentiated 6G products.” 

He further added that they are excited to expand their existing partnership with Samsung, which has yielded several significant accomplishments in the development of 5G new radio as a mature technology. 

Keysight mentioned that the partnership would boost the development of AI-assisted air interfaces that take advantage of substantial multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antenna technology. 

“The signing of this MoU with Keysight will greatly advance Samsung’s 6G strategy of combining the company’s expertise in communication technology with capabilities in software and AI,” said Executive Vice President at Samsung Research, Sunghyun Choi. 

He also mentioned that by partnering with Keysight, Samsung could shape a future where 6G is used to improve human connection, health, and safety. 

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