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Samsung Launched Artificial Intelligence-Powered Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung has recently launched its artificial intelligence-powered robot vacuum cleaner named Jet Bot AI+, which was first revealed at CES 2021. The initial launch has allowed deliveries in the United States and Europe. 

Samsungs plans to launch the product globally by the latter half of 2021. The robot vacuum cleaner comes with a unique active 3D sensor capable of accurately scanning a wide area to prevent any head-on collisions with smaller objects. 

The sensor is capable of detecting objects as small as one centimeter. Jet Bot AI+ can trap more than 99.99% dust, including 0.5~4.2µm sized microparticles, and can be easily controlled via voice command. It uses Intel’s artificial intelligence solutions to improve its object recognition technology further. 

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Hyesoon Yang, Vice President and head of the customer experience team of Samsung, said, “Jet Bot AI+ reflects Samsung’s ongoing dedication to building connected appliances that deliver dynamic performance that can adapt to the varying needs of our customers.” 

He added that they are very excited about introducing this robot with the world’s best recognition technology. This will now enable users to clean their homes intelligently and efficiently using artificial intelligence-powered Jet Bot. 

The robot vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a LiDAR Sensor that calculates its location precisely to optimize its cleaning path by continuously scanning the area to gather distance information. It has the ability to work seamlessly even in dark or poorly lit areas with a negligible number of blind spots. 

Consumers can also monitor their home remotely with the Jet Bot AI+’s Patrol Mode. The unit’s front camera livestreams video images through the SmartThings app. 

The mode allows consumers to monitor the status of rooms they want to check while away. Privacy related issues of the patrol mode have been taken care of, as it encrypts the video clips so that only authorized users can view them. 

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