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Amazon Announces AWS BugBust Challenge To Fix Software Bugs

Amazon announced the AWS BugBust challenge, which is a global competition that challenges developers to eliminate software bugs. Any software developers from around the world can join the challenge by registering on the AWS amazon website.

As the world of coding has taken over almost every sector, the volumes of codes have gone from thousands of lines to millions of lines for better operations. 

But bugs are almost unavoidable while developing any code. A large amount of time and effort is taken to eliminate these bugs from the huge codebase. The AWS BugBust is the largest bug bash challenge, aiming to improve code and costing quality using the power of machine learning to eradicate 1 million bugs. 

Organizations can nominate an administrator to set up the AWS BugBust event in the AWS console. The administrator can invite participants in a few clicks and set up the challenge. Once the challenge is set up, the Amazon CodeGuru scans the code and finds all the bugs for the team to start busting. Once the bugs are solved, the team member will receive points depending on the number of bugs busted. These points will be added to the organization’s leaderboard and the global leaderboard to compete with developers globally.

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There are many points, prizes, and rewards, from t-shirts to trophies, as you go up the leaderboard. The top 10 bug busters globally will receive an expense-paid trip to attend AWS re: Invent in Las Vegas, where they can participate in the live BugBust challenge.

The AWS BugBust will change the face while helping enterprises save money and also by making codes more efficient. Technologies like machine learning and automated reasoning are assisting developers to be better, by powering tools like Amazon CodeGuru.

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