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DataRobot 7.1 Introduced Enchantments To Enhance Artificial Intelligence

DataRobot released version 7.1 with several upgrades to its Augmented Intelligence platform to level up artificial intelligence projects. The enhancements were built on the enchantments that were announced at DataRobot’s AI Experience Worldwide last month. 

DataRobot 7.1 introduced new MLOps Management Agents that provide remote lifecycle management for enterprises. Management Agents automate various tasks and determine any remote model’s state despite their fabrication and current status. With the snowflake push-down integration, both DataRobot and Snowflake developers will access automatic discovery and new feature computations for their models directly in the Snowflake Data Cloud.

With Automated Time Series, DataRobot runs its Eureqa forecasting models as a part of the regular Autopilot process. Using the intelligent feature selection, Eureqa models exponentially reduce complications and function better with large datasets. To enhance the artificial intelligence experience, the new version introduced a new No-Code AI App Builder that allows developers to quickly develop artificial intelligence models and help with decision making and what-if scenarios. 

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“We are in constant communication with our customers regarding the challenges they face when deploying AI, and as a result, will tailor our updates based on their unique needs,” said Nenshad Bardoliwalla, SVP of Product at DataRobot. He also added that DataRobot is committed to building a platform that empowers every individual and encourages non-technical business users to take advantage of artificial intelligence.

Version 7.1 includes automated data prep for time series, nowcasting for time-aware models, automated AI reports, job prediction, and scheduling UI to manage and maintain prediction schedules. The detailed features can be checked from the website. 

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